1. A student after qualifying admission test and taking admission at any center of NGI academy will be bound by the rules and regulations of that center.
  2. The responsibility of getting admission form filled and submitted to the center is that of the student or the parent/Guardian.
  3. Incomplete forms will be rejected. It is compulsory to attach photocopy of mark sheets of class X/ XI/XII and a recent passport size photograph with the admission form.
  4. It is compulsory to provide the mobile number, email details of both the students and Parents/Guardians. All information shall be sent to the student by SMS or email. The academy shall not be responsible for non-receipt of any information sent to the student by sms or mail due to non-submission of the details during admission.
  5. Any change of address, mobile number and email Id should be intimated to the academy office within 5 days of the change.
  6. NGI academy reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any of the courses, change class timings/days due to insufficient enrollments, instructor illness, severe weather conditions, natural disasters or other circumstances beyond the academy’s control without any prior notice. Any changes shall be informed to the students immediately.
  7. The fees for the courses shall be paid before the start of the classes or on or before the dates informed at the time of admission.
  8. The fees for the courses have to be paid on time by cash/card at the office or by electronic transfer on or before the due dates.
  9. The tuition fee payments are fully refundable if the scheduled courses are cancelled by the academy due to any reasons.
  10. The student has to pay the full amount of the tuition fees in the event of discontinuation after starting the course.
  11. Students not working hard, creating indiscipline, using unfair means in tests/exams, irregular in attendance and not following the guidelines of the academy shall be expelled .The decision of the center in charge shall be final and binding on the student/parent. No fee or part of the fee shall be refunded in such cases.
  12. A student late by 10 minutes for classes/tests will not be allowed to enter the classroom.
  13. Each student shall be issued an ID card. The entry in to the academy will be permitted only on producing the ID card. If the ID is lost/misplaced, the student can get a duplicate issued from the academy against a payment of Rs 100/-.If any student is found misusing the ID card, he/she will be expelled from the academy.
  14. If a student is absent for the tests, he/she can collect the question paper for that test within 5 days from the date of test failing which the question paper shall not be given to him/her.
  15. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the classroom. In case he/ she carries a mobile phone, it should be switched off.
  16. The academy is not responsible for the loss/theft of the personal belongings of the students.
  17. The academy shall not provide any sitting arrangements for parents/ Guardians during the class/test sessions of students are in progress.
  18. In case of misbehavior by parents/guardians/ students with the staff of the academy, the student shall be expelled from the academy. The decision of the center in charge shall be final and binding on the student/parent. No fee or part of the fee shall be refunded in such cases.
  19. If at any point of time, there is a change in the GST rates, the extra amount of taxes shall be borne by the student from the date of enforcement of the taxes.
  20. NGI Academy reserves the right to use the student’s image, video and/ or voice to help promote NGI Academy in print, web, radio or video, presentations and other media.

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